Monday, May 22, 2006

Football and more of it.

The League titles have been decided, Football fanatics have had their moments of elation, excitement, despair and doom as the fortunes of their favorite teams and players swayed across ends. While fans of Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool had a great time with their teams winning their country leagues or other glories, The fans of Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid etc were not so lucky.

The three teams boast together some of the best players in the game, with half the Real's line up being star studded, but when it came to team play they didn't quite match up. United was almost thrashed by Chelsea, though it still has more starry line-up than its rival, Arsenal the loosers, though played well in the league final against Barca, never really looked like the champs that they were a couple a years ago, finishing fourth!!! in the league. The biggest disappointment was handed over to its fans was by Real, with players like Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Carlos, Robinho, Guti one could not expect anything less than titles, but none were to come.

The team that changed the rules of the games has been Chelsea, when they won the title last year, not many were still sure of their quality and persistence. But they have proved well enough that they are the kings and their last win wasn't a flash in the pan, the likes of Lampard, Drogba, Arjen may not yet be the stars of the likes of Ronaldo and Zidane but surely make up a team that has an incisive attack and rock solid defense. One more thing that they prove is that money does matter but, well used it can do wonders, So 90 million euros ($113.9 million) spent by Real madrid last year could get them only a second place in Spanish La Liga and Roman Abramovich's millions assured successive titles for Chelsea.

The football fanatics are eagerly waiting for the World Cup which promises to be the biggest sporting extravaganza on the face of the earth, mean while the player market is hotting up with deals falling in place one after other, one can only wait to see the composition of next year club lineups.


HP said...


First up, a very good post!!
Really money can only be useful when it has talent,dedication and direction to go with it which was sadly lacking in Real and the likes!!

And yep, we are surely waiting for the World Cup when everything will start and end with the F word :-)


As If said...

Hey thnx re, but haan the F- word doesn't come out in the familay presence. We guys can make a setup to watch the some of the matches in group, probably over here

HP said...

Arrey Yaar, Watching matches in a group would be really difficult.
Hopefully, we could spare a weekend and come down to Pune..that would be fun..

But, surely I am planning to miss work for the semis and finals and going somewhere in a group and watch them :-)


Anonymous said...

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