Monday, June 19, 2006

Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal

aah...What a goal!!! What a goal!!

ok..U wanna wash away all your sins!! Just watch this video hundred, no make it a thousand times and your sins will be washed away :-) Really, I am not kidding!!!!!

For all u IE fans, the link is here.

And for Mozilla rockers, just watch the video below.

Just hope now that my team wins the World Cup and I get to wear the tee proudly :-)

God Bless Argentina!!!


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Predictions for the World Cup (contd.....)

Hi all,

This is officially my first post @ Football Fever. (i somehow didnt like this name) :))))
Neways lets continue with the post/get.

World Cup/ Cup of Life/ La Copa de la Vida is just 2 days away and football enthusiasts(or shld i say the working football enthusiasts like me n my frenz) have already started making the plans for their weekends. Most of us are completely geared up & are ready for the action to begin. Ppl are buying new T.Vs, their fav teams jersey, booking their tickets @ local pubs to catch the action LIVE on the big screen,etc.....
Even women are into the action this time around, even they are cheering for their fav teams
in their Bustiers..... (read an article abt it recently)
Dont get excited boyz, those females are not in India.

Admist all this chaos there are 32 teams out there, who are under so much pressure to perform their Best @ the Biggest Platform. They all know that hopes of many ppl from all over the world is resting on their shoulders.My hope rests on the following teams.

The teams below stand the chance of creating history & making their country & countrymen proud.

1) Argentina
2) Italy
3) Portugal (I personally feel they shld win)
4) England (have an outside chance)

Lets see who wins in the end.
Am supporting all the other teams except for BRAZIL, coz i know there are hundreds/ thousands millions supporting them.