Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Foot Ball Fever.

Indians cannot boast to be a football crazy country or of a great football past, we have nothing to boast of except that around half a century ago the Indian Football Team qualified for the World Cup finale's. They couldn't attend it though for one of the wierdest reasons, yeah they didn't have money to buy shoes and they were used to playing bare foot!!!. Isn't that amazing, just imagine if they could have afforded to buy shoes or someone would have sponsored that, we might have had a different foot ball history and culture.

Anyways, there's still a big bunch of enthusiasts who are crazily waiting for the World Cup to start. I don't qualify to be one of them, as it has been a very long time I left watching TV though I keep tabs on my favorite players and teams in some way or other. But when even a not so crazy football enthusiast agrees to buy in a new TV set with his room mate and best of all to buy a dozen football jerseys so that we can wear them throughout the World Cup!!!. Yes guys we decided that we would be buying enough jerseys so that we can wear them through the World Cup. The fever is certainly taking us over.

Apart from that, we have a shoot at sight order in place for all GLTian's during the world where we are supposed to shoot at everything that is round, made of leather and is of number 5, something like that and all. Add to this a host of other competitions and prizes, I hope they put put live matches on Friday evening on big screen instead of the usual movie.

The party pooper to all this is that the cable wallah's are threatening not to air ESPN/Star. Sure would kill a few if they do it, keeping my fingers crossed.

So guys what so crazy that you are planning to do this World Cup.



HP said...

12 jerseys..Interesting!!
Whats the deal??


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