Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Season, Old Aspirations

The football season has been kickstarted and I hope Chelsea wins all the trophies in sight :-)

Chelsea has done a couple of big changes this year. Bringing in Scolari in place of Grant was a smart move though I would have loved to have Jose back. And Deco is a cool signing. Our mid-field is not the strongest in EPL but infact in the whole of Europe. 
Also, I agree with the release of SWP. I really liked him coz he always gave his all when he was on the field but somehow he never was able to fulfill his true promise in the blue shirt. May he do well in City though not aganist Chelsea :-)

And I guess from this year atleast, we are stopped being called big money spenders. 

The Reds did some spending too and some blocking too. They bought in Bebatov and managed to hold on to Ronaldo by going aganist the wishes of the player. If the same would have been done by any other team when Utd was interested in that player, then Alex and the English press would have crucified that team and its owners but then Sir Alex has a unique place in EPL and he gets away with anything.

Arsenal are still the same. I do like them except for Adebyor. So, I would not mind them taking the second place in EPL after Chelsea.

Liverpool can take the 3rd place with the Spurs in 4th. Yes, I want the Reds out of the top 4 and one could call me a bit mad but I do hope to see that happening this time :-)

And as Asif said, CL is more of a lottery and I have always been bad at them. So, I don't mind Jose's team taking the CL this time.

Let the beautiful game roll on!


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