Monday, February 25, 2008

One down for Chelsea ;-)

I myself often wondered what difference does a coach make if you provide him the best players in the world, any tom, dick and harry can pick up an eleven and win the game. But after watching the Carling cup final today, it was pretty much clear. While a Jose Mourinho would have guided Chelsea through the final with clinical, though often boring, efficiency. An Avam Grant couldn't bring it on in his team when it mattered the most, the football was same boring one, but the efficiency was missing when it mattered the most.

As for Spurs, the journey from the relegation zone at the start of the season to defeating Arsenal and then Chelsea has been phenomenal. The manager is what made the difference, while Martin Jol couldn't get his team win a game, Juande Ramos is doing wonders with almost the same team. It could be start of an special era for Spurs from now on and Ramos could prove to be the next special one.

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